CrossFit Camp Eggers, is an official CrossFit affiliate located in Kabul Afghanistan.  CrossFit is a strength and conditioning fitness methodology used in over 1,700 gyms across the globe.  It is also frequently used in fire houses, police stations, and the military. 

CrossFit delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival, many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. We’ve used our same routines, scaling load and intensity, for elderly individuals with heart disease and elite athletes. – Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

High intensity is part of the design of CrossFit and is required to get the full benefits. At these high intensities, your body will respond and recover with a very high neurological and endocrine (hormonal) adaptation (neuroendocrine response). This is the “secret” behind the ability of the Workout of the Day, in very often 20 minutes or less, to enable you to develop world-class fitness.


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  1. Ben M.

    Looks great! Where’s the trainer Bio’s??

  2. tom l.

    What time are the group workouts? I’m across the street. Thanks.

    • We offer classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 0500, 0600, and 1500. Friday we offer one class at 0830. Thursday and Sunday are rest days so no classes are scheduled.

  3. Audrey Carter

    Are CF WO photos/videos uploaded somewhere that we could have access?

    • We usually post some pictures on the facebook page. Although honestly we haven’t kept up with that as much as we should. Are there pictures from certain workouts that you are looking for?

      • Audrey Carter

        Nothing specifically. I see many people taking photos and I was curious if these were ever posted anywhere…

  4. I’ll be coming to your location this summer. I just wanted to touch base with fellow crossfitters and find out what the local scene is like. I’m a regular member of crossfit red diamond.

  5. Shane F

    Do you guys have any T-Shirts made or anything that says “CrossFit Camp Eggers” I could buy from you? Dan Eggers and I were close friends in college, he was a great man. I’ve been CrossFitting and instructing CF for several years and am still in the army but don’t expect to be able to drop in for a WOD.

    • Yes, we do have a t-shirt order in at this time. We should have them in the coming weeks.

      • Shane F

        Awesome. Please let me know what I need to do to get in on the order. I assume you can email me any specifics (how to pay, my address etc)? I wear a mens large. Thanks a lot, appreciate your site and the extra work you put in to run the affiliate.

  6. Robert Craig

    I will be at ISAF HQ starting in July. I’ve been doing CF for a while and don’t want to have a break while deployed. What do I need to do to get started with CF Camp Eggers?

    • Robert,

      You should be able to jump right into things when you arrive. Not sure what your restrictions will be for walking over in the mornings, but here is our schedule. Monday-Wednesday & Saturday 0500, 0600 and some show up at 1500 for a workout. Friday is our late day and we start at 0830 (we have folks come from other places for this workout). Thursday and Sunday are our rest days. I will shoot you an e-mail with our level-1 trainers contact info so you can coordinate with them as well. There might be some CF stuff over at ISAF, but not for sure on that. Look forward to having you join in with us.


  7. Justin

    I will also be in Kabul starting in July, but I’m non-military (I can give you more information via email). Is there a way that I can come work out with you guys?

    CrossFit Ann Arbor/HyperFitUSA

    • Where will you be at in Kabul? You are more than welcome to come work out with us. We will be going through some transitions in July and August. I will send you an e-mail to discuss further.


  8. Dave

    Rich, I will be arriving at Camp Eggers sometime next week. As a contractor can I join you guys? I’ve been crossfitting for the last year now.



    • Dave,

      A fellow CrossFitter is always welcomed! We meet on Mon-Wed/Sat at 0500 and 0600, rest on Thur, Fri at 0830. Some folks meet up in the afternoon, but not a regular crowd, just those catching up or not able to do the WOD in the morning. We will be doing Murph this Friday! Not sure if we still have t-shirts, but likely to get another order going, and I have some CampEggers CrossFit WOD books. We have a fairly large group as a whole. The 0600 slot is getting more and more packed by the day, so some opt for the 0500 to be the crowd. We have two level-1 trainers; one of them does our programming, the other leads the OnRamp fundamentals. See you next week!


  9. Dave

    Rich – Awesome, glad I found you guys. I’ve never been to Eggers…where are you located?


  10. How can I get a training log?
    Thanks, T

  11. Greetings,
    I will be at Camp Eggers this October and would like to inquire about the camp’s capabilities. Is there access to bumper plates or are the gyms standard bodybuilding set ups? Is the CF facility strict in its scheduling or is there any open gym time?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Mike,

      We are pretty well setup for most CF WODs. Yes, we do have an assortment of bumper plates. At this time, we have a separate area that we store our equipment, but still open for all to use. We do have WODsin the mornings, M-W/Sat at 0500 and 0600, and also have a Friday WOD at 0830. Our rest days are Thurs/Sun. During the nice weather we do our WODs outside and then when it turns later on this fall, the WODs will likely move into the clamshell. There are some folks that get together in the afternoons to do a WOD, either what we have programmed, something from the main site, or whatever a person comes up with on their own. So, the scheduling is not so strict that you can’t use the equipment any time you need/want. We have had a large turnover in our personnel, so the level-1s have thinned out to just one right now. I will not be here when you arrive in October, but rest assured that CF will still be going strong. We have a lot of new, energized folks that are just starting out. Are you level-1 certified?


  12. Hey Rich,

    Long story short. I used to own CF gym in Jacksonville, Fl. Not sure if you ever saw the old transformers video. It might still be on the main site. I haven’t checked it in a long time. I’ve been to multiple level Is and older level 2s before they started testing. I left the community to start training BJJ and explore some austere training. We just opened up a new place in JAX. http://www.3-2-4.com. I live in Va but plan on moving back down to Fl when I get back from deployment in order to promote our product. I’ve trained all sorts of athletes and done all sorts of competitions. Let me know if I can help out in anyway. My plan was to revert to my old powerlifting routine if all I had was the standard, ill-equipped military gym. I would bring my own gear but I don’t have the ability to ship it.

    Thanks for the reply and keep in touch,

    feel free to email my commercial account: solis324@gmail.com

  13. Larry


    Here are examples of a rouge pullup bar / rack. Wasn’t the low profile one that Camp Blackhorse just got, and may be too bulky for the tent, but it’s an option.

  14. jeremy

    Was seeing if there is any shirts still for sale. I have a couple fellow crossfitters that were deployed here and didnt get a chance to get a shirt. Thanks

    • JD Wells

      The cost of the shirts are $20 for the short sleeve and $25 for the long sleeve. I have currently have 11 short sleeve remaining in S, L, & XL and should be ordering more long sleeve soon. Let me know how many you want and send the money and a return address to the following address and I will get them to you as soon as I can.
      Jason Wells
      CSTC-A SAO-A
      APO, AE 09356

      • Brad


        Can you please contact me VIA email so I can try to get more information about these shirts? I am currently at BAF but I have not been able to find any CF BAF shirts. greenaf7@gmail.com

  15. Shane F


    Dan Eggers was one of my best friends in college at The Citadel. As a Crossfitter, a Camp Eggers shirt would mean a lot to me. I’ll send you $20 for a short sleeve large.

    MAJ Shane Finison

  16. It’s been a pleasure working out with the CrossFitter’s group here at Camp Eggers, I am leaving temporarily but plan to continue as soon as I get back… Keep up the good work! 🙂 I am going to miss you all and the excellent workouts we do.

  17. JD Wells

    FYI for all, I have received one check for a short sleeve shirt and will send it out shortly. As I will be redeploying soon, please send all future requests the the treasury/CF t-shirt guy who is TBD.

  18. Shane S.

    Any plans to run a Level 1 Cert. or an Olympic lifting clinic in the near future?

  19. Larry Reeves

    Hey…heading to ISAF HQ this July for a 365. Am a relatively new CFer, but don’t want to stop now. Don’t know much about what Kabul looks like. Read earlier posts about Eggers CF being close. True? Thanks much, looking forward to it!
    Larry R.

  20. Ian Robinson

    Hi Guys
    Do you have hold open gym session or is it just scheduled classes?
    I am an avid Crossfitter and just arrived in Kabul today.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Ian,
      Welcome to Afghanistan… if I can even say that. We have classes at 0500 and 0600 M-W and Sa and 0600 on F in the first floor of the Robinson Gym (down the hill and straight back from the Goat DFAC). We show up between those times and pretty much to the WODs independently, unless it’s a partner WOD, so I’d say we’re open gym session. There are a couple CF groups, but I assist in the morning as the Level 1. Others meet at various times in the afternoon and evening. You’re more than welcome to join us and I look forward to hearing from you.
      Take care,

  21. Natalie Hart

    I’m a new CFer trying to find a group in Kabul. I’m living in Shazdarak at the moment but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get onto Eggers. Do you have any non-mil people coming in for the sessions? If anyone has any suggestions of where else I could try I’d be very grateful!

    • Natalie, Sorry for the late reply, but we have some people that enter Eggers for the 5:30 session and can link up with you to sign you in if needed. Let me know if you are still interested and we can coordinate.

  22. Brian

    How far is the crossfit site from Qalaa House? Im not trying to violate OPSEC, just give me a walking time to and from. Email me the answer if possible. I’ll be there in July.

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